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A  prayer for peace in Ukraine, by Michael Ramos

A  prayer for peace in Ukraine, by Michael Ramos

The last several days have held many emotions for people all over the world: fear, anger, sadness, confusion, compassion . . . and in that time, I have read about a dozen different prayers for Ukraine and the world from a variety of sources, being shared over social media and email.  Each prayer I read reminds me of who we, as disciples of Jesus Christ, the Peaceful One, are called to be in a world where peace is elusive and greed, abuse of power and hostility seem to reign. 

Michael Ramos, Executive Director of the Church Council of Greater Seattle, with whom we have a close relationship and kinship, shares the prayer below, and I share it with you today.   May each of us take a moment today and in the days, and perhaps weeks, ahead to pause and uphold the people of Ukraine, of Russia, the surrounding nations, and the leaders of those nations, for peace, comfort, safety, and the assurance of worldwide neighbors standing with them in support.   Let us truly move toward the Peaceful One in our efforts to live, love and share God’s kin’dom with the world.

War is Contrary to the Will of God
O Source of Being,
We cry to you this day, for another war has started, violating your ways.
We know that war is contrary to your will for humankind.
We pray for the people of Ukraine, who seek to live in peace and freedom.
We pray with the prophet Isaiah for those who promote and perpetrate war to beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks – let nation not make war on another nation.
We acknowledge that violence lies within all of us and that nations that promote empire will ultimately be cast down in the imagination of their hearts.
War so offends You; You feel its oppression with us, just as you suffer when you witness the oppressions of racism and poverty, gender-inequity and violence, and greed.
Ultimately, You teach us that war is the primordial act of unfaith in You, a form of idolatry.
We grieve our addiction to war, this human-made dis-ease.
We lament our inaction to promote peace and our complicity with systems that make siblings into others and even enemies, although in your Creation we are all siblings, we are all related.
This includes residents and citizens of a nation under attack and residents and citizens of nations with whose governments we are opposed.
How long, Source of Being, must we keep dividing and destroying one another in the name of ideology, in the name of kingdom building, in the name of religion, even in the name of “peace”.
You tell us not to worship falsely, not to afflict the marginalized, the vulnerable, the impoverished, but rather to desire the well-being, the wholeness of all, for we each are part of your Creation, made good and beautiful and holy.
Your presence is felt wherever there is in conflict the pursuit of peace, justice, and mercy through diplomacy and negotiation – human beings in relation to human beings, with a shared destiny for life and beloved community.
You remind us that steps toward cessation of hostilities and disarmament are marks of sanity.
You implore our acceptance of co-responsibility for our common humanity, for we are all are each other’s kin, as today so Ukrainians and Russians are kin, even in the face of overwhelming aggression.
Peacemaking is our shared vocation.
Turn us in a new direction.
The path of nonviolence is the most profound yearning of citizens who refuse to yield to the false distinction between “us and them.”
We beseech you with unmitigated urgency: to prevent further destruction of life, the crushing of civilians, the seizure of a sovereign people, the disfiguring of a people who love God.
A people who have known suffering and loss of land and denial of freedom and discarding of humanity.
Thank you for reminding us of our relationship to the people under siege. Our fates are intertwined in ways that You know beyond our capacity.
We remember the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and shout out, “Never again!”
And yet, the proliferation of nuclear weapons has led to this newest threat:
War today runs the risk of escalation into nuclear conflict. Shed with us your divine tears!
Thank you for showing us that another way is possible: the way of peace with justice.
We are grateful that you made us for kin-ship and not earthly kingdom, for solidarity across borders and not manifest destiny, for circles of cooperation not spheres of influence and military control.
Guide our long walk to construct peace. With St. Francis, make us all instruments of your peace.
We declare that you are our security, our Source of refuge in a time of need, such as this.
Be compassionate upon us, even as we are compassionate to one another, without qualification or exclusion.
We are conscious that the human cost of war lies far beyond the zone of military confrontation.
Waging peace is our destiny and our integrity.
Being peace is our lens and our compass, our practice and our horizon.
From such a calling, may we not desist.
From such a moment, may we be courageous risk-takers for a just peace.
May our prayers rise to you at such a time as this.
May you receive us and our plea for an end to this war and all war, confident that abiding your ways will transform our world.
May there be peace in Ukraine, this day and ever-more.

Michael Ramos, Executive Director of the Church Council of Greater Seattle
Originally published here: https://thechurchcouncil.org/war-is-contrary-to-the-will-of-god-a-prayer-for-peace-in-ukraine-by-michael-ramos/
Prayer for Peace | Nov 28, 2021

Prayer for Peace | Nov 28, 2021

This Prayer for Peace was written and offered by Evangelist David Brock in
the November 28, 2021, Community Connections online worship
on our first Sunday of Advent (HOPE). It was offered as a
Prayer for Peace and Hope for those who struggle during the holidays.

These are holy days, God. This is a sacred time and season.  But that does not always mean it is a happy time, or a joy-filled time or a peaceful time, as you well know.

Death of loved ones happens even on Thanksgiving; a mother dies in childbirth on Christmas Eve.  Divorces are finalized during this season when we long for joy, hope, love and peace.  A baby is born in a manger, yes, and wise men and shepherds and angels herald the birth, but somewhere a child hurts during advent—of malaria, of mistreatment, or struggles with mental or physical debilities.  Someone has lost their job and there is no feast. Someone is so alienated from family that there is no invitation to share the feast. Not one.

Life continues with all its risks and unpredictability, God, even in this sacred season.  The Christian calendar year is finished. A new year Christian year begins with the desire for the birth, the return of the one who we call Messiah and Savior and Teacher and Emmanuel.  Hope springs in this winter season. Come thou long expected Jesus, come and set us free–  All of us.  The rich and the poor. The happy and sad.  All of us.

God, we understandably want our days to end in reconciliation, in an embrace, in a solution to the conflicts of living—like in a Hallmark movie.  Of course we want that and I think you understand.  Of course we want snowflakes falling freshly and presents under the tree, and a table groaning under the weight of a feast. Who wouldn’t want that and why not? Happy Holidays and a Merry Season to us; the merriest of all.

But, we pray tonight for those who mourn and weep at Christmas.  These may not be holidays for them in the traditional sense. But these are holy days, sacred days; these are especially their days.  These are days to declare: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”

May all those people, God, especially those people (maybe right here and right now in this service) know that this is their season. This is the season when mourning may or may not lead to dancing, but this is the season of your strength for their weakness. It is the season when our pains are carried—our disfigurements, all the things wrong with us.. This is the season when you say to those conflicted or bereaved: “You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God.”

This is your holy season. These are holy days because they are your days. These are the days when the lonely and those that mourn are comforted. In Jesus name, Amen.

Peace Prayer Commitments

Peace Prayer Commitments

On Sunday, May 23, we shared in an interactive Prayer for Peace worship moment. As the music video for “Pray for Peace” by Reba McEntire played, those gathered online for worship were invited to share in the chat their response to this question: What is your peace prayer commitment today? This is how you responded!

To listen. To Hear.

I commit to peace on and for the earth, as I help lead the afternoon Climate Conversation about transforming our lifestyle to decrease carbon emissions.

See people through God’s eyes.


To listen to story. The diverse stories that shape our world. To listen is to understand. And we all need more understanding in this world.

To talk to someone every day who may have a different political view than I do. To make friends in unlikely places.

Listen with my heart.

Reaching out in love and positive action to all those who are marginalized in our country and world.

Share peace and joy (smiles).

I am one in 2021 as I follow Jesus the Peaceful One!  I am one with God, nature, all of humanity for there can be unity in diversity!!  ONE!

A calm and attentive presence in relationships.

To love the unloved.

To work to accept all those who are different or who think different than me.

Being a bridge for solution-based conversations about the persistent Israeli-Palestine conflict. For peace, justice, and human dignity and rights for all, free from violence, suspicion, fear and hatred.

To commit to hear the cry for help.

To love all.

A reassuring, reaffirming word to everyone I meet- accompanied by a warm smile.

I will help feed my neighbors.

To be an accelerator of love in a world with too much hate.

Lord, make me an instrument of the peace. Let me sow hope, joy love and peace.


To be more loving and accepting and not letting my fear stand in the way of responding to God’s call.

Love through the pain.

I pray God’s blessings upon all those who ask for prayers, and for those that give them.

To bring smiles and joy to others through my music.

My peace prayer commitment is to always intentionally work and pray for peace.  To place peace above discord or misunderstanding.  Above being right or winning an argument.  To hold CofC values in high esteem and to represent my membership and priesthood by always lifting up peace as ONE of the best answers to confusion, chaos and anger.

To be the living example for what I pray for in peace.

Stop and pray for peace when I/you see a need, like when the passenger airliner was forced to land off route so a passenger could be arrested for being a dissident to a totalitarian government.

To seek to see all creation (human and creature) as holy. To be willing to step up for peace!

Accept our differences.

To be a better listener, to help those who have no voice be heard; to see a vision for our community that embraces everyone.

Bring a feeling of safety to the AAPI community.

To always lift up humility and set aside EGO for peace is my path.

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