Rezoomion 2021


We will be having our online Rezoomion experience from Tuesday Evening, July 13 – Sunday Morning, July 18. Through classes, chats, worships, and more, we’ll be guided by the theme of “Claiming Our Prophetic Voice: Anointed to Respond” by exploring the application and implication of Luke 4:18-19 in our discipleship. Directors will be Sean Langdon ( and Ashley Whitham (  

THIS JUST IN… We’re excited to share that the following people are already confirmed to provide ministry during Rezoomion 2021: Apostle Ron Harmon, Field Support Minister Richard Betts, Apostle Catherine Mambwe, Presiding Bishop/Counselor to the First Presidency Stassi Cramm, Presiding Evangelist Jane Gardner, North American Climate Justice Team, Beyond Horizons Team, Orphans Africa, and our GPNW USA MC Leadership Team. As more are confirmed, we’ll share them with you here!