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New Bold Moves Grants Awarded – Fall 2022

New Bold Moves Grants Awarded – Fall 2022

The missional efforts of Family Promise of Metro East, supported by the Portland Congregation and the international work of the North American Climate Justice Team have been awarded Bold Moves Grants in the Fall Cycle of 2022.  The recipients began their work in 2020 and 2019 respectively with the help of seed money provided by their original grants.  The grants just awarded are both renewal ones, allowed under Bold Moves Guidelines, that encourage them to continue the outstanding missional work each group is providing.

Family Promise of Metro East (FPME) is dedicated to helping families experiencing homelessness in NE and SE Portland achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.  They are a new affiliate of Family Promise, a national organization working to serve the needs of children and their families experiencing homelessness.  Over the last three years, Portland Community of Christ has been an integral partner in the formation of Family Promise of Metro East.  Today, the Portland congregation hosts the FPME Day Center and organizational headquarters.

Through its extremely informative webinar series, the North American Climate Justice Team has brought together experts in various areas of climate justice with members and friends of Community of Christ around the world.  Their focus is to raise awareness of the climate crisis we face, while still maintaining an attitude of hope.  The team continues to seek to increase knowledge and understanding of:

  • Why and how climate is being disrupted.
  • Actions that will help mitigate increase in carbon emissions
  • The effect on various populations and the unjust impact on marginalized communities
  • Spiritual disciplines and strategies for dealing with fear, despair and hopelessness
  • Personal changes in lifestyle required and a call for advocacy/activism.

Its hope is to empower participants to make a difference and challenge them to envision God’s future and take steps to bring about a New Creation.

On behalf of the GPNW Mission Center, the Bold Moves Grants Committee is pleased to award the grants and wish both recipients continued success.

Bold Moves Grant Applications | Spring 2022

Bold Moves Grant Applications | Spring 2022

As we begin to move beyond the pandemic existence that has limited so many things, is now the time to begin planning for engaging in some Fresh Expressions of mission in your congregation’s community?  A Bold Moves Grant may be just the boost you need to bring your plans to life.

Applications for grants in the 2022 Spring Cycle are due April 18th.  Check out the Bold Moves page on the GPNW website for the updated Guidelines and Procedures document as well as the Application Form, or contact Steve Pomeroy (spomeroy@cofchrist-gpnw.org) with any questions.



Submitted by Steve Pomeroy, Committee Chairperson

On behalf of the GPNW Mission Center, the Bold Moves Grants Committee is pleased to announce the awarding of two new grants in the Spring cycle of 2021.  Congratulations go to Eugene Congregation  and Bridges To Peace, a non-profit organization being shepherded through Garden Grove Congregation, as they embark on fresh expressions of mission aided by the receiving of these grants.

Eugene’s “Gateways Grab and Go” program will provide an array of healthy breakfast items available to students at Gateways High School and GED Program.  The program will be similar to the highly successful effort previously supported by the congregation at the area’s Springfield High School, which not only provided health benefits to students in need, but helped to improve on-time attendance and academic success.  The same goals are in place for this effort, directed by Jody Barnhart.

Bridges To Peace is a non-profit corporation, organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes.  This corporation’s primary purpose is to promote an environment for children, families and communities, to learn and explore peace through interactive exploration.  Its curriculum meshes nicely with the curriculum currently utilized at Garden Grove Congregation for Young Peacemakers Clubs at church, at Minnehaha Elementary School, and next fall at Truman Elementary School.  Christie Ostendorp will serve as program director.

Both grants are provisional as structural elements of the programs continue to be worked out by the supporting groups.  Prayerful good wishes are extended to both congregations as they work to abolish poverty and end suffering and pursue peace in their communities.

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