Sean Langdon

Invitation Support Minister
Youth Ministries Specialist
Camping Ministries Director
Sean Langdon (he/him) joined the GPNW USA Mission Center staffing team as a self-sustaining minister in the summer of 2010 and became employed by Community of Christ in January 2012. As a Seventy, he is passionate about invitation and witness with a foundation rooted in relationships. In his ministry, he is especially passionate about the following things:

Helping to form inclusive, sacred spaces for marginalized populations.

Sharing a witness of Jesus Christ with others and inviting them to embark on the path of discipleship.

Discovering ways to birth new expressions of Christian community.

Being real and authentic: “You’re not my grandpa’s kind of preacher” – Friend. No, no he’s not.

When he’s not spending time in a coffee shop or visiting friends, Sean can be found working to complete his goal of visiting all 54 covered bridges in Oregon.

To discuss topics related to these passions, you can contact Sean by e-mail: or phone: (425) 293-6366.

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Cape Town, South Africa