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Register Now: Youth Summer Camps 2022

Register Now: Youth Summer Camps 2022

Youth Camps are part of our rich camping tradition within Community of Christ. They provide an opportunity for children and youth to gather in safe space to learn, nurture, and grow in their relationship with God, self, and others. We are offering 4 youth camps and 4 reunions at our 3 campgrounds this summer. Register today!

For camp program questions, contact the Youth Camp Director

For registration questions, contact Jill Brunette (, 425-207-8712)

For questions regarding the GPNW Camping Program, contact Sean Langdon (, 425-293-6366)

REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT: Please register and pay online at Contact Mission Center Membership Services Administrator Jill Brunette (, 425-207-8712) for a Youth Camp Registration Form only if you cannot register online.

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE: Receive a discounted registration fee when the camper registers and either pays in full or submits a completed Financial Aid Form with camper’s portion of payment by the Early Bird deadline.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Final registration and payment deadline is TWO WEEKS before camp. Registrations and payments postmarked after the deadline will be accepted at the discretion of the Camp Director.

TWO-FOR-ONE DISCOUNT: We offer a Two-for-One discount when a GPNW camper brings a friend who is new to our GPNW summer camping program. Online, enter promotional code “241” by clicking on the blue “Enter Promotional Code” link located in the top right of the pop-up window after clicking on the green “REGISTER” button. Be sure to enter your friend’s name you are partnered with when asked. Your friend must also submit a registration.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: Limited financial assistance may be available from the GPNW Mission Center. Be sure to contact your congregation for potential financial support before requesting assistance from GPNW. A completed Financial Aid Form and camper’s portion of payment must be submitted by the deadlines indicated. Contact Mission Center Membership Services Administrator Jill Brunette for a Financial Aid Form, instructions on starting the Financial Aid process with your congregation, and the appropriate discount code BEFORE registering online.

CANCELLATIONS: Please notify Jill Brunette of your need to cancel as soon as possible. Refunds will be made as follows:

  • Before Registration Deadline: 100%
  • On or after Registration Deadline, prior to first day of camp: 2/3
  • On or after first day of camp: No refunds.

VISITORS AT CAMP: We offer a “closed camp” experience at our youth camps. There are to be no visitors unless recruited by the Camp Director. This includes youth who cannot attend the whole week but want to drop in for part of the day. Visitors cause disruption to the camp experience and create potential safety concerns.

SPECIAL NEEDS CAMPERS: Parents of special needs campers must contact the Camp Director prior to registration to discuss arrangements for a possible attendant (who must be a registered youth worker). Because we have volunteer staff, the camps are not equipped to provide trained assistants. We want to be inclusive in our camping program, and we also want to provide a safe and secure environment for our campers.

WORTH OF ALL PERSONS: All are welcome at our Youth Camps. There is to be no discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliations, religious beliefs, race, national origin, and range of human ability. The teachings at our youth camps must reflect Community of Christ Identity, Mission, Message, and Beliefs, as well as Policies and Statements. Our staff seek to provide a safe place for all including the use of preferred names and gender identities. We also seek to recruit staff who represent the diversity we welcome and celebrate at camp. To share how we can provide a more inclusive experience for your child or to express any concerns, please contact the Camp Director or GPNW USA MC Camping Ministries Director.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation to and from camp is provided by the parent/guardian. If your child is sent home for behavior or health concerns, it will be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to arrange transportation from the campground in a timely, efficient manner. Campers should arrive and depart camp according to published times. Late arrival or early departure will not typically be allowed, as they are disruptive to the camp experience. If you have special circumstances, seek the Camp Director’s approval in advance.

MEDICATIONS: All medications must be listed on the registration form. Prescribed medications must be in the container dispensed by the pharmacy, with pharmacy instructions intact. Over-the-counter medications must be in the original manufacturer’s container, labeled with the camper’s name and specific instructions. All medications stay with the Camp Nurse in a secure location.

WHAT NOT TO BRING: Weapons of any kind, illegal drugs, alcohol, marijuana, bad attitude, inappropriate reading material, foul language, large electronics such as laptop and gaming systems, and large amounts of cash. It is also discouraged to bring snacks including candy & gum. These items may be confiscated at the Camp Director’s discretion.


  • BEDDING: Sleeping Bag and Pillow
  • CLOTHES: Jeans or other long pants, T-shirts, Shorts, Swimsuit(s), Jacket/Sweatshirt, Pajamas, Underwear, Socks, Sturdy closed-toe walking/hiking shoes/boots, Sandals, Shower sandals
  • TOILETRIES: Towels, Beach Towel for water activities, Soap, Shampoo, Deodorant / Antiperspirant, Comb or brush, Toothbrush and toothpaste, Sunscreen, Insect repellent, Lip balm
  • SPECIAL ITEMS: Bible, Flashlight & batteries, Camera

The camp and mission center are not responsible for any lost or stolen items at camp.


Camp Remote: 54147 Sandy Creek Rd., Myrtle Point, OR 97458 (

Samish Island Campground: 11633 Scott Road, Bow WA 98232 (

Lewis River Campground: 18334 NE Lucia Falls Road, Yacolt, WA 98675 (

Elementary Camps/Jr. High Camps

For children entering Grades 3-9 in the Fall of 2022

Kids Camp/Jr. High Camp @ Remote

These two camps will happen alongside each other at Camp Remote with some activities together and some separated by grade.

3 PM on Sunday, July 31, to Noon on Wednesday, August 3.

KIDS CAMP THEME: LEGO: Build for Jesus!

As disciples, what and how can we build for Jesus? In the Bible, we will teach the campers what was built and how others came to help Jesus. Using skill building, building crafts, and learning the basics of how our church has built for Jesus will be just a few things with kids camp this year.

KIDS CAMP DIRECTOR: Carron Grubb, 541-914-0280,


At this camp we will learn that each of us holds a tremendous treasure that has been given to us by God and that while each of us has a very unique, rough, imperfect shell . . . that shell holds a trove of valuables that we can use to make our world a better place. Come to camp and learn how to use your treasures for good. A highlight of this year’s camp will be the fun of celebrating 4th of July together!

JR. HIGH CAMP DIRECTOR: Donald Welch (712-310-0712),



Camp Mungai @ Samish Island

Camp Mungai this year is an expanded grade experience for those entering grades 3-9 in the Fall of 2022.

4 PM on Sunday, August 14, to Noon on Thursday, August 18

THEME: Jesus is the Rock

Join us at Camp Mungai this year as we go Prehistoric! We will explore the many ways that Jesus is our solid foundation, and the One we can trust to guide us when our path gets rocky and life gets hard. So if you enjoy fun crafts, epic outdoor games, playing with friends, good food, and exploring nature, then Camp Mungai is the place for you!

DIRECTOR TEAM: Sue Wheeler (253-939-7082), Sandy Webb-Johnsen, and Jean Cravy (360-969-3188),

EARLY BIRD FEE: $205 by July 15 or REGISTRATION FEE: $245 by July 29


Sr. High Camps

For youth entering Grades 10-12 in the Fall of 2022 and 2022 Grads

Sr. High Camp @ Remote

3 PM on Sunday, July 10, to Noon on Saturday, July 16

THEME: Reflection of the Prodigal Child

We have all heard the Story of the Prodigal Son. Have you ever really thought about it though? Did you know there are three movements in the Story? This week we will delve deeper into the story and see if we can’t find where we fit into this story. The themes of homecoming, affirmation, and reconciliation will be newly discovered by all who have known loneliness, dejection, jealousy, or anger

CO-DIRECTORS: Mike Sahlberg (503-298-8245) and Tara Wigle (541-520-4151),

EARLY BIRD FEE: $205 by June 10 or REGISTRATION FEE: $245 by June 24


Camp Kimtah @ Samish

4 PM on Sunday, August 7, to Noon on Saturday, August 13


Kimtah 2022 is all about belonging. Throughout the camp we will journey with the theme of “Belong”. Through classes, worships, and conversations we will explore the daily themes of “I Belong”, “You Belong”, “They Belong”, and “We Belong”. We will push ourselves to go beyond our comfort zones in how we view ourselves and those around us, for all of God’s children are of worth. So, plan today to come to Kimtah 2022 and be thinking about who you can invite to join to camp with you!

DIRECTOR: Sean Langdon: 425-293-6366

EARLY BIRD FEE: $300 by July 8 or REGISTRATION FEE: $340 by July 22


Register Now for Northwest SPEC 2022!

Register Now for Northwest SPEC 2022!

“SPEC” (Spectacular) is an annual week-long worship, leadership, sports, music, and arts camp held on the campus of Graceland University in Lamoni, Iowa. It is sponsored by Community of Christ and will be attended by approximately 750 high school students and staff from around the U.S. and Canada. This is the largest gathering of youth in Community of Christ. The mission of SPEC is to create a safe, Christ-centered community that encourages teenagers to discover God, their inherent worth, and cultivate and express their giftedness.

The theme for SPEC 2022 is “Together”.

Daily themes will be explored through classes, worship, and other activities. We will travel as part of the Northwest Delegation, which consists of campers and staff from Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Western Wyoming, Northern Utah and Montana, as well as friends in British Columbia and other locations.

When is IYF/SPEC held?
SPEC Trip: July 13-23, 2022
July 13-16 – in Independence, MO, for delegation bonding, sports practicing, devotions, a visit to Worlds/Oceans of Fun Amusement Park, and more. We will be staying at the Family Life Center.
July 16-23 – in Lamoni, IA at Graceland University for SPEC.

Who Can Attend?
Any high school student who is CURRENTLY in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 may attend. Invite your friends!

What is the Cost?
The cost for the 11-day trip will be $960 per youth. This includes: camp registration and a camp shirt, most meals, lodging, two delegation shirts, and all transportation. The campers will need to bring money for four meals, as well as their own spending money.

The first payment of $500 is due by April 15, 2022, and the second payment of $460 is due by May 20, 2022. Please pay online using the links below (no fees), or send payments to: Inland West Mission Center, ATTN: GPNW SPEC, 11515 E Broadway Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206. All checks should be made payable to “Community of Christ” with the participants name in the memo line.

Please don’t let money prevent you from attending. If Financial Assistance is needed, a request can be made to Sean Langdon at the contact information below by April 10.

Spec Camper Payment 1:

Camper’s name & phone
Camper’s email address

Spec Camper Payment 2:

Camper’s name & phone
Camper’s email address

Northwest SPEC Staff Payment 1:

Staff name & phone
Staff email address

Northwest SPEC Staff Payment 2:

Staff name & phone
Staff email address

How Do I Sign Up?
Sign-up here to participate with the Northwest Delegation:

Registration deadline: April 15.

This registration link registers you to attend with the Northwest Delegation. The participant will also need to register with Spectacular as well. SPEC will go live with their registration this Spring. Once they do, the link will be emailed to those registered with the Northwest Delegation.

COVID-19 Guidelines

The SPEC 2022 organizing team is requiring that everyone participating in SPEC 2022 be vaccinated against COVID-19 and boosted (if eligible). This means that individuals have completed the primary series of Pfizer or Moderna vaccines within the 6 months prior to SPEC or the primary series of J&J vaccine within the last 2 months prior to SPEC. If vaccinations occurred prior to that, then being boosted is required. For those attending from British Columbia, Canada, the AstraZeneca vaccine qualifies as well.

At this time, masks will be strongly encouraged but not required. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the campus and high-touch surfaces will be regularly disinfected. Current guidelines information will be shared as we get closer to the trip.

Who Do I Contact?
GPNW Mission Center – Northwest Delegation Leaders
Kelly Mongrain, 253-569-1510
Sean Langdon, 425-293-6366

Visit Us on Facebook
Follow us on Facebook! Like our Facebook page at “Northwest Spectacular Delegation – Community of Christ” for updates, photos, and more!

Camp Minecraft: The Journey Continues

Camp Minecraft: The Journey Continues

Camp Minecraft went live 11/30/2020. What an adventure it has been. We’re having so much fun and we’d like you all to join us. Our first Christmas season we had a Christmas Tree contest judged by Mission Center and World Church dignitaries. For the 2021 Christmas world we named nearby village Bethlehem. Gr8Kazooo opened and Inn. Mary and Joseph showed up but by the time they arrived the Inn was full and they took shelter in a nearby stable. Does any of this sound familiar? Shepherd’s showed up, Wise Men followed the star and joined them, sheep would baa, donkeys brayed, cattle were lowing, the whole bit. In February as Valentine’s Day approached, giant hearts appeared alongside signs with, “Be my Valentine requests.” An aerial Parkour (obstacle course) with a chest of prizes if you made it to the finish.

Being an online virtual world, we are unhampered by in-game pandemic concerns and geographical boundaries. Players have logged in from Washington, Oregon, West Virginia and we went international when players checked in from Africa. We were and are pandemic safe, socially distanced for sure with no masks fogging up the glasses. But for me the most gratifying experiences start with in game camper questions like, “can I tell you something?” Or “can you keep a secret?” “Sure,” I say expecting an in-game concern like the secret location of a campers hidden TNT stash or something equally in-game mundane. But what gets shared are serious joys and concerns the campers are carrying on their hearts. That’s when I get that old warm and fuzzy “church” feeling. That’s when significant ministry happens. That’s when I know it’s all been worth it.

If you are new to Camp Minecraft and need more information, just contact one of us. Registration is easy! Simple follow this link and fill out the questions:

The Camp Minecraft ministries team includes Harry Howell, Jason Keesee, Daniel Rose, and Camp Pastor Susan Oxley. You can contact them at They look forward to seeing you all in the game!

So come join the fun, fellowship, and ministry in the New Expression of Community we call Camp Minecraft.



Attention youth currently in grades 9-12… Plan now to attend Spectacular (SPEC) 2022 with the Northwest Delegation! Our trip will be July 13-23, 2022. We’ll spend July 13-16 in retreat as a delegation at the Family Life Center in Independence, MO. Then we travel to Graceland University for SPEC from July 16-23. 

The camper fee for this year’s trip is $960. This covers your airfare, most meals, delegation shirts, lodging, admission to Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun Amusement Park, and more! Your first payment of $500 will be due on April 15 and final payment of $460 will be due on May 20. More information will be shared soon. For now, plan on fundraisers to start earning money for this year’s trip. Due to increased travel costs, this year’s fee is higher. Therefore, we really encourage congregations and families to find ways to earn money to send their youth to SPEC. We will also have some financial assistance available. 

Questions? Contact Delegation Co-Leaders Sean Langdon and Kelly Mongrain by email: For updates, follow “Northwest SPEC” on Facebook.

Results: Camp Minecraft Christmas Tree Contest

Results: Camp Minecraft Christmas Tree Contest

Our Camp Minecraft Christmas tree contest was a rousing success. We had eight tree entries in our first official event. Four trees were youth entries and another four were entered by adults.

The trees were judged by Kim Naten, Richard Betts, Ron Harmon, and Scott Murphy, all executive ministers in our Faith Community. They were impressed with our world and all of the trees, each having its own unique appeal. The youth tree that came out on top was a big hit as three youth participated in its construction. Signs will be posted in game showing the tree’s result in the competition.

For those of you who have yet to join Camp Minecraft, the results are as follows:

Youth tree winner in 4th place was the Charlie Brown tree by Jacobulous.

Youth tree winner in 3rd place was the minimalist au natural tree by JacobClark25

Youth tree winner in 2 place with red and yellow ornaments and a star was by Noodl_Muffin68

And last but not least 1st place goes to the Tall multicolored tree, which was also the first tree to go up. It was a team effort by Jacobulous, GoldenHornet, and TheCreeperKing.

Congratulations to all our youth winners

Adult tree winner in 4th place with the black cross tree topper was by Oshiie.

Adult tree winner in 3rd place with the excellent treetop ornament was by OldPort

Adult tree winner in 2nd place with multicolor carpet decoration was again by Oshiie.

And our 1st place winning tree had Red Ornaments, candles, and snacks for Santa on the fireplace hearth nearby. This tree was once again an Oshiie creation.

Congratulations to all who participated.

Want to get in on the fun? Registration is easy! Simple follow this link and fill out the questions:  The Camp Minecraft ministries team includes Harry Howell, Jason Keesee, Daniel Rose, and New Expressions Mentor Christine Campbell. You can contact them at They look forward to seeing you all in the game! 

Do good unto all,

Old Port

Online RCYW Training Now Available!

Online RCYW Training Now Available!

I am happy to announce the release of our online Registered Child & Youth Worker (RCYW) Training. This will help our mission center be more efficient in processing RCYW Applications since most applicants will no longer need to wait until we can offer a training. This online training will also allow our many RCYW’s to take their refresher course every 3-5 years at a time that works with their schedule. If someone does not have access to internet, they should connect me at the contact information below so that arrangements can be made.

Here is how the process will work for those needing to take the training as a new applicant or as a refresher course:

  1. Watch the training video (80 minutes):
    1. If helpful, here is a note sheet that you can use while taking the training: click here.
  2. Take the RCYW Training Quiz:
    1. Once you complete the training, I will contact you to confirm whether or not you received credit for the training and to review any potential incorrect answers.

For those wanting to apply to become a RCYW, please continue:

  • Complete the fillable application and turn in to your pastor. RCYW Application: click here.
    • Helpful Notes:
      • Applicant should not use references related to them or the pastor reviewing the form.
      • Applicants need to be at least 15 years of age and older and be connected with Community of Christ for at least 6 months.
        • RCYW Assistants: Age 15-20
        • Registered Child & Youth Workers: 21 and older
      • Applicant must become a RCYW within a year of taking the course. If not, they will likely need to take the training again before application can be processed.
      • The application must be processed and approved within 6 months from the time that the form is dated.

If you have any questions related to the RCYW guidelines or this process, please contact Sean Langdon (, 425-293-6366).

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