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Online RCYW Training Now Available!

Online RCYW Training Now Available!

I am happy to announce the release of our online Registered Child & Youth Worker (RCYW) Training. This will help our mission center be more efficient in processing RCYW Applications since most applicants will no longer need to wait until we can offer a training. This online training will also allow our many RCYW’s to take their refresher course every 3-5 years at a time that works with their schedule. If someone does not have access to internet, they should connect me at the contact information below so that arrangements can be made.

Here is how the process will work for those needing to take the training as a new applicant or as a refresher course:

  1. Watch the training video (80 minutes):
    1. If helpful, here is a note sheet that you can use while taking the training: click here.
  2. Take the RCYW Training Quiz:
    1. Once you complete the training, I will contact you to confirm whether or not you received credit for the training and to review any potential incorrect answers.

For those wanting to apply to become a RCYW, please continue:

  • Complete the fillable application and turn in to your pastor. RCYW Application: click here.
    • Helpful Notes:
      • Applicant should not use references related to them or the pastor reviewing the form.
      • Applicants need to be at least 15 years of age and older and be connected with Community of Christ for at least 6 months.
        • RCYW Assistants: Age 15-20
        • Registered Child & Youth Workers: 21 and older
      • Applicant must become a RCYW within a year of taking the course. If not, they will likely need to take the training again before application can be processed.
      • The application must be processed and approved within 6 months from the time that the form is dated.

If you have any questions related to the RCYW guidelines or this process, please contact Brooke Schlenker (

GPNW Reunions 2023: Register Today!

GPNW Reunions 2023: Register Today!

Registration begins April 1st, 2023.

CANCELLATION & REFUNDS Please notify Jill Brunette (, 425-207-8712) of your need to cancel as soon as possible. Refunds will be made as follows: • Before Registration Fee deadline: 100% • On or after Registration Fee deadline, prior to the first day of reunion: 2/3 • On or after first day of reunion: No refunds 

PART-TIME & DROP-IN WITH NO OVERNIGHT STAY ON SITE • No Overnight On-Site Stay – If you will attend reunion for any amount of time and will not stay overnight on site, RSVP directly with the Reunion Director, who will confirm your payment amount, to be paid on site. Reunion Registration is not required. Any overnight stay, for any length of time, requires registration. 


DATES: June 25-30, 2023

THEME: God, Where is your spirit Leading Next?

Enjoy the renewal of friendships and the wide range of ages joining in fun and fellowship at Lewis River Reunion! Families gather around the creek. Children and grandchildren play with glee. Teens reconnect with old friends. Adults gather for chats under a tree. The adventurous explore the waterfalls up the hill or swim in the river below. Music, laughter, learning, new opportunities for discipleship, and sharing one’s heart are all possibilities within the week’s experience.

REUNION MINISTRY: Mike Hoffman and Ashley Whitham

DIRECTOR TEAM CONTACT: Debbie Pineda, 360-747-1333,

EARLY BIRD PRICES: $100 per camper (age 5+)/$375 per family by May 26, 2023

REGULAR PRICES: $125 per camper (age 5+)/$450 per family by June 9, 2023

‘Family’ is up to 2 adults and 6 kids or 4 adults residing in same household. Part time prices available on registration site.


DATES: July 30 – August 5, 2023

THEME: God, Where is Your Spirit Leading Next?

Building on the extraordinary experience of Samish Reunion 2022, we ask God, “Where is your Spirit leading next?”. We are planning and preparing many fun activities for the whole camp to enjoy as we ponder and seek exciting answers to this question. Camp will bring many traditions of our Samish Island history to the forefront along with creating new opportunities to share in fellowship and reconnect in community. Worship, Recreation, Classes, Salmon BBQ, Arts & Crafts and Campfires will weave into a relaxing week that we hope everyone can attend.

As always, we need YOU to make this highly anticipated camp a success. Where do you see yourself helping out? Teaching a class? Leading Arts & Crafts or Recreational Activities? Music Ministry? Bring your talents and join us for an “EPIC 2023 SAMISH REUNION!!”

REUNION MINISTRY: Ron Harmon, Shandra Newcom and Donald Welch

DIRECTORS: Erin McClaskey, Team Lead/Contact: 206-914-4449 and Jannette Harrison, Contact: 206-355-6851


By June 30By July 14
Early Bird PriceRegular PriceStayCamper
$300$360full timeAdult (12+) – first two, each
$240$300full timeAdult (12+) – each additional
$210$240full timeYouth (ages 6-11)
$30$30full timeChild (ages 0-5)
$50$60part timeAdult (12+) – first two, each, per day
$40$50part timeAdult (!2+) – each additional, per day
$35$40part timeYouth (ages 6-11) per day
$5$5part timeChild (ages 0-5) per day


DATES: August 6-11, 2023

THEME: God, Where is your Spirit Leading Next?

Come spend a week under the Murtle trees with Richard Betts, Western Field Support Minister, at Remote reunion. Enjoy worship, engaging classes, fun, food and fellowship as we work together to build community and explore the theme “God, where is your spirit leading next?”

REUNION MINISTRY: Richard Betts and Ashley Whitham

DIRECTOR TEAM: Katie O’Keefe-Knobel Team Lead/Contact: 541-350-3258


By July 7By July 21
Early Bird PriceRegular PriceStayCamper
$450$535full timeFamily (up to 2 adults & 6 children, or 4 adults residing in the same household)
$175$210full timeIndividual (ages 12+)
$150$175full timeYouth (ages 4-11)
$70$80full timeChild (ages 3 and under)
$90$107part timeFamily (up to 2 adults & 6 children, or 4 adults residing in the same household) per day
$35$42part timeIndividual (ages 12+) per day
$30$35part timeYouth (ages 4-11) per day
$14$16part timeChild (ages 3 and under) per day


DATES: August 19-24, 2023

THEME: Britain and Beyond – Our Global Mission

The combined Adult and Singles Reunion for 2023 continues our international focus with testimonies from Apostle Richard James, the secretary of the Council of Twelve Apostles, assigned to the British Isles Mission Centre, Western Europe Mission Center, and Eurasia Mission Centre. Richard was born in Wales and has traveled extensively in his field. Expand your understanding of what it means to be Community of Christ as you hear the successes of challenges of our brothers and sisters across the Atlantic, including the impact of the war in Ukraine.

REUNION MINISTRY: Richard James and Kim Naten

DIRECTORS: Susan Oxley: 425-226-2771, Susan Webber: 253-370-8840 and Tom Webber 253-320-4474,

EARLY BIRD PRICES: $300 per adult by July 21, 2023

REGULAR PRICES: $360 per adult by August 4, 2023

Part time prices available on registration site.

Kids Camps 2023

Kids Camps 2023

Who’s ready for summer camp? Registration opens April 1st!

2-for-1 Discount: We offer a 2-for-1 discount when a GPNW camper brings a friend who is new to our GPNW camping program. Enter Promotional Code “241” by clicking on the blue “Enter Promotional Code” link located in the top right of the pop-up window after clicking on the green “REGISTER” button. Be sure to enter your friend’s name you are partnered with when asked. Your friend must also submit a registration.

Financial Assistance: In addition to the Early Bird and 2-for-1 discounts, financial assistance may be available from your congregation, and limited financial aid may be available from the GPNW Mission Center. Be sure to contact your congregation for potential financial support before requesting assistance from GPNW. A completed form and camper’s portion of payment must be submitted by deadlines indicated. 

If you are receiving any financial assistance, contact GPNW Membership Services Administrator Jill Brunette (, 425-207-8712) for a Financial Aid Form and/the appropriate discount code BEFORE registering online. 

Cancellations and Refunds: Please notify the Camp Director of your need to cancel as soon as possible. Refunds will be made as follows: • Before Registration Deadline: 100% • On or after Registration Deadline, prior to first day of camp: 2/3 • After first day of camp: No refunds

Special Needs Campers: Parents of special needs campers must contact the Camp Director prior to registration to discuss arrangements for a possible attendant (who must be a registered youth worker). Because we have volunteer staff, the camps are not equipped to provide trained assistants. We want to be inclusive in our camping program, and we also want to provide a safe and secure environment for our campers.

Medications: All medications must be listed on the registration form. Prescribed medications must be in the container dispensed by the pharmacy, with pharmacy instructions intact. Over-the-counter medications must be in the original manufacturer’s container, labeled with the camper’s name and specific instructions. All medications stay with the Camp Nurse in a secure location.

Worth of all Persons: All are welcome at our Youth Camps. There is to be no discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliations, religious beliefs, race, national origin, and range of human ability. The teachings at our youth camps must reflect Community of Christ Identity, Mission, Message, and Beliefs, as well as Policies and Statements. Our staff seek to provide a safe place for all including the use of preferred names and gender identities. To share how we can provide a more inclusive experience for your child or to express any concerns, please contact the Camp Director or GPNW USA MC Camping Ministries Director.


For Children & Youth Entering Grades 3-8 in Fall 2023.

This camp is a blended Kids Camp and Jr. High Camp Experience at Camp Remote.

Theme: Unity in Diversity

We will provide a safe place for all campers to worship, learn more about diversity, and number one…to have fun? We will have tye-dye creations, staff making, and of course don’t forget the slip and slide. The plan is to also go into Coquille and Myrtle point for an afternoon of swimming and root beer floats. The last night will be celebrating our camp with a party/movie.

EARLY BIRD FEE: $150 by June 9 or REGISTRATION FEE: $200 by June 23 *Contact Director about registration after June 23.


Youth Entering Grades 3-8

THEME: Catching Fire: Igniting the Flame of Faith and Friendship

For 3rd-8th grade campers, we want to focus on how our faith and our friendships need constant care, similar to stoking a fire. How do we sustain the flame and share it with others? Who inspires your internal flame to continue burning, and who do you inspire? Come spend a week re-igniting the flame of faith and friendship with games, food, singing, and learning all about our fire.

Camp Zarahemla DIRECTOR: Laura Schlenker, 360-389-8952, JR. High Camp DIRECTOR: Molly Schlenker, 816-885-3676, EARLY BIRD FEE: $175 by June 30 or REGISTRATION FEE: $225 by July 14 *Contact Directors about registration after July 14


Children and Youth Entering Grades 3-6

Theme: Thank You, God for Making Me Awesome! Let’s Celebrate

If you enjoy fun crafts, epic outdoor games, making new friends, lots of great food, and exploring nature, then Camp Mungai is the place for you! Join us this year as we celebrate and thank God for making each and every one of us awesome in his sight!

DIRECTOR TEAM: Sue Wheeler, 206-947-0068,

EARLY BIRD FEE: $225 by July 14 or REGISTRATION FEE: $275 by July 28 *Contact Director about registration after July 28


Youth Entering Grades 7-9

Theme: Discover Your Purpose

Are you going into grades 7, 8 or 9? If you are, Camp Atsaken is the place you want to be in 2023. We will explore “Discover Your Purpose” through a variety of fun activities from our themed class in the mornings to fun activities in the afternoon. Each day we will have a variety of choices including hiking, swimming, canoeing, and skills-based classes. Spend your week getting reacquainted with old friends and making new friends that will last a lifetime.

CO-DIRECTORS: Jean Cravy 360-969-3188 and Jeff Cravy: 360-969-1008,

EARLY BIRD FEE: $300 by July 7 or REGISTRATION FEE: $350 by July 21 *Contact Director about registration after July 21


Entering Grades 9-2023 Graduates

Theme: Lift Your Voices

Sr. High Camp 2023 will be exploring what it means to lift our voices. Everyone has a voice, and whether you prefer to express that voice through music, written words, movement, or something else entirely, we want to know what your voice says. This fun-filled week will be challenging, exciting, and an all-around blast. We can’t wait to see you there!

DIRECTOR TEAM: Mike Sahlberg: 503-298-8245, Nicholas White: 503-490-8657 & Natalie White: 913-963-0867

EARLY BIRD FEE: $215 by June 30 or REGISTRATION FEE: $265 by July 14 *Contact Director about registration after July 14


Entering Grades 10-2023 Graduates

Theme: Discover Your Purpose

Kimtah 2023 is all about belonging. Throughout the camp we will journey with the theme of “Discover Your Purpose”. Through classes, worships, and conversations we will explore the daily theme. We will push ourselves to go beyond our comfort zones in how we view ourselves and those around us, for all of God’s children are of worth. So, plan today to come to Kimtah 2023 and be thinking about who you can invite to join to camp with you!

DIRECTOR: Dane Mahi, 541-974-2836,

EARLY BIRD FEE: $300 by July 7 or REGISTRATION FEE: $350 by July 21 *Contact Director about registration after July 21

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