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Pastors Breakfast 2022: Reflections from a Friend

Pastors Breakfast 2022: Reflections from a Friend

From Sean Langdon.
A shortened version of these remarks were shared at the 2022 Pastors Breakfast during the Annual GPNW MC Conference.

I considered what I might share this morning with you all and my mind swirled with the possibilities. And where I landed was this… We joke a lot about my many roles in this mission center, and for good reason, but I want to offer a few parting reflections at this time through the lens of these roles.

Let’s start with what brought me onto staff in the first place. Young Adult Ministries Specialist.

  • Invite young adults to journey with you. Not necessarily your congregation but you as fellow companions on the journey. Relationships are deeply important to young adults.
  • A good marker of their commitment is not whether or not they are with you for the Sunday Morning experience. To expect that can just diminish and even cheapen the ministry they have to offer and are likely offering in other areas of their life.
  • Invite them to help reimagine what it means to live out Christian community in new and innovative and authentic ways.

Camping Ministries – Youth Camps & Reunions and though we actually took it out from under our Camping Ministries umbrella, Caravan and SPEC too.

  • Camping Ministries is one of most important things we do in the life of the church, arguably maybe the most important. For within our camping ministries, lives are changed in ways that don’t happen during the Sunday Morning experience. Also, it is here that the power of invitation really comes to life.
  • But we can’t provide these ministries without your help. So, like I have said many times before, we need folks like you and those in your congregations to volunteer to staff our camping events. And we need your help in inviting others to attend.

Youth Ministries

  • Like with young adults, find appropriate ways to journey alongside them. With permission from them and their parents, attend their sports games, choir concerts, recitals, art shows, and more! Invest your time in their lives.
  • But know this, the marker of a healthy congregation is nor whether or not you have robust youth program. It IS whether or not you are discerning your path forward and letting the holy spirit guide you into ways of living out Christian community. Living out the mission of Christ. For some congregations, that will mean youth related ministries, and for others, it will look radically different than that.

Invitation Support Minister

  • Meet new people. Form relationships. Invite people to Christ. Not church. That will likely happen. But Inviting People to Christ means inviting people to be in relationship with you and the community. Be the church, don’t just invite people to church.
  • And explore fresh expressions of ministry in your congregation. New, innovative, authentic ways of living out the ministries of your congregation so that they are relevant to those yearning to be spiritually and relationally filled. And please, let us stop thinking that this simply means changing a few things here and there within the context of our Sunday Morning Worship experience. Simply adding a couple cool videos is not going to make your worships more relevant to those hungering for something deeper. In fact, it might just mean doing something radically different when you gather. Let’s face it, pew worship ministry is not likely the path forward for organized religion. The definition of worship is “the feeling or expression of reverence and adoration for a deity.” We have to stop believing that this means that we sing a few hymns, offer a couple prayers, and listen to someone talk for 20 minutes. What does it mean for us to live our worship? Well, maybe let’s start here. Let us remember Christ’s mission statement found in Luke:

“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
    because he has anointed me
        to bring good news to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives
    and recovery of sight to the blind,
        to set free those who are oppressed,
19 to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.”

The spirit of the Lord is upon all of us to do the same!

  • And lastly, support New Expressions of Community. These aren’t connected to a congregation, but it may be those in your congregation who might feel called to explore them. Maybe even you. And if you are interested in going deeper and exploring this, please remember that on the first Monday of every month, we host New Expression Mondays via Zoom from 6:30-8 PM Pacific Time.

Folks, as I leave on to other opportunities, it has been asked several times who will do everything I did. That is being explored and the reality is that not everything will necessarily continue, at least not in the same way. Someone new will join staff, and along with the other mission center leaders, there will be new passions and invitations to explore here in the GPNW Mission Center. At the same time, some of those things like Community Connections, we are looking at a shared relationship between the Rocky Mountain Mission Center and GPNW Mission Center. So, where the Holy Spirit leads and where opportunities take us.

<strong>New Expression Mondays continue…</strong>

New Expression Mondays continue…

“Our journey into the future will continue through more congregations becoming willing to transform in response to new opportunities. It also will occur through starting new expressions of the church to model what we are talking about.” – Steve Veazey, “A Time to Act!” 

New Expressions of Community are an exciting pathway for us to experience Christian community beyond the walls of the congregation experience. Therefore, New Expressions of Community are not connected with an existing congregation but rather an opportunity for us to experience such community in a variety of ways in the many spaces of our communities that we work, learn, play, and live in. To learn more about New Expressions of Community, click here:

New Expression Mondays started as an initiative of the Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center in January 2022. They provided an opportunity for conversations about what is transforming within the church and where God is inviting us to experiment and create sacred community in our communities while also being a place to explore ideas that you might have for starting a New Expression of Community.

Starting in January 2023, New Expression Mondays will continue and be provided by Community Connections, an online New Expression of Community co-sponsored by the Greater Pacific Northwest and Rocky Mountain Mission Centers. With this change, we would like to invite all in the Western Field who are interested in exploring New Expressions of Community to join in on the conversation when your schedule allows, and interest is piqued. 

New Expression Mondays take place on Zoom the first Monday evening of every month. While the focus of these conversations are on New Expressions of Community and therefore beyond the focus of the congregational experience, we will spend 2 New Expression Mondays a year exploring Fresh Expressions of Ministry which is focused on existing congregations exploring Christian community in new and exciting ways. When that is the focus, we will announce it in advance.

New Expression Mondays

First Monday of the Month
6:30-8:00 PM (PST) | 7:30-9:00 PM (MT)

Zoom Connection Information:

To join, click here:
Alternatively, join by phone: 1-253-215-8782
Meeting ID: 839 6568 3186
Passcode: 205203

Mark your calendars for the first Mondays of the month! All are welcome to join us for these conversations! We hope to see you then on Zoom!

If you have any questions, please contact Sean Langdon ( | 425-293-6366)

Courage to Let Go

Courage to Let Go

At our annual Pastors and Staff Breakfast last month, technical difficulties prevented us from properly sharing two video interviews with leaders in our Mission Center. You can view them below or on our YouTube channel:

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