Camp Minecraft: The Journey Continues

Camp Minecraft went live 11/30/2020. What an adventure it has been. We’re having so much fun and we’d like you all to join us. Our first Christmas season we had a Christmas Tree contest judged by Mission Center and World Church dignitaries. For the 2021 Christmas world we named nearby village Bethlehem. Gr8Kazooo opened and Inn. Mary and Joseph showed up but by the time they arrived the Inn was full and they took shelter in a nearby stable. Does any of this sound familiar? Shepherd’s showed up, Wise Men followed the star and joined them, sheep would baa, donkeys brayed, cattle were lowing, the whole bit. In February as Valentine’s Day approached, giant hearts appeared alongside signs with, “Be my Valentine requests.” An aerial Parkour (obstacle course) with a chest of prizes if you made it to the finish.

Being an online virtual world, we are unhampered by in-game pandemic concerns and geographical boundaries. Players have logged in from Washington, Oregon, West Virginia and we went international when players checked in from Africa. We were and are pandemic safe, socially distanced for sure with no masks fogging up the glasses. But for me the most gratifying experiences start with in game camper questions like, “can I tell you something?” Or “can you keep a secret?” “Sure,” I say expecting an in-game concern like the secret location of a campers hidden TNT stash or something equally in-game mundane. But what gets shared are serious joys and concerns the campers are carrying on their hearts. That’s when I get that old warm and fuzzy “church” feeling. That’s when significant ministry happens. That’s when I know it’s all been worth it.

If you are new to Camp Minecraft and need more information, just contact one of us. Registration is easy! Simple follow this link and fill out the questions:

The Camp Minecraft ministries team includes Harry Howell, Jason Keesee, Daniel Rose, and Camp Pastor Susan Oxley. You can contact them at They look forward to seeing you all in the game!

So come join the fun, fellowship, and ministry in the New Expression of Community we call Camp Minecraft.

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