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“We Shall Overcome” | Racial Justice Week 2022

“We Shall Overcome” | Racial Justice Week 2022

In January 2021, the Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center sponsored its first Racial Justice Week. It was a week of storytelling, education, awareness, worship, and dialogue. Since then, we have continued the conversation with the “Healing Justice” series, a look at how the criminal justice system negatively impacts and targets communities of color and the healthier approach of restorative justice. With January of the new year just around the corner, we are ready to share plans for “We Shall Overcome”, Racial Justice Week 2022.

If you have questions about any of these events, please contact Sean Langdon (425-293-6366 |

Wednesday, January 12 | 7 – 8 PM (PST)
Faith & Formation presents “Global Theologies”
During Racial Justice Week, Faith & Formation will begin our winter series on exploring global theologies by first looking at Liberation Theology, which has its roots in Latin America, and how Christians sought a relationship with God that emphasizes freedom from the oppressive systems around them. 

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Alternatively, join the conversation by phone: 1-253-215-8782
Meeting ID: 119 087 405
Passcode: 508636

Faith & Formation creates an online space for participants to go deeper on topics on various religious topics. This online opportunity for learning and discussion meets every Wednesday Evening and is facilitated by Ashley Whitham. Faith & Formation is a ministry of Community Connections.

Thursday, January 13 | 7 – 8:30 PM (PST)
“Healing Justice” Part 4
The final part of the four-part series exploring the themes found in the documentary “Healing Justice” from World Trust. From World Trust: “Healing Justice explores the causes and consequences of the current North American justice system and its effect on marginalized communities. The film walks back through the history of violence that has led to our current system, bringing into focus the histories of trauma – on a personal, interpersonal, community, and generational level. This powerful documentary addresses the school-to-prison pipeline, the need for comprehensive criminal justice reform, and the importance of healing and restorative practices.”

In Part 4 we will go deeper in looking at the practice of Restorative Justice and what to do with what we have learned from this series. This final session will be facilitated by Ron Harmon, Kim Naten, and Sean Langdon.

If you have not had a chance to view the documentary or would like to watch it again, we will play it at 5:45 PM (PST). The documentary is just over an hour in length.

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Alternatively, join the conversation by phone: 1-253-215-8782
Meeting ID: 841 448 115
Passcode: 043423

Footprints – Prayer March for Racial Justice!
We invite congregations and individuals to organize a Prayer March for Racial Justice in their communities on the weekend of Saturday, January 15-Monday, January 17 (MLK Jr. Day). For this Footprints, you and others will march through your community while pausing along the way to pray for various themes related to Racial Justice. Signs proclaiming themes related to Racial Justice and/or our Community of Christ Enduring Principles or Scriptures are encouraged.

If you or your congregation would like to organize a Prayer March on this weekend in your community, please contact Sean Langdon (425-293-6366 | to receive a recommended prayer march outline and to notify him of the day and time so it can be advertised more broadly. 

Footprints is a New Expression of Community and Fresh Expression of Ministry sponsored by the Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center focused on Community Prayer Walks.

Sunday, January 16 | “Foyer” Greetings at 6:15 (PST), Worship at 6:45 PM (PST)
Sunday Evening Community Connections Online Worship
Kathy Sharp leads this special Racial Justice Sunday Worship. Community of Christ Diversity and Inclusion Co-Chair Gwendolyn Hawks-Blue will bring the sermon. Join us for a worship that is sure to challenge and inspire.

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Alternatively, to listen to this worship by phone: 1-253-215-8782
Meeting ID: 841 448 115
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Tuesday, January 18 | 7-8 PM (PST)
Holy Hangout
This Sr. High Youth and College-aged Young Adult event will watch and explore the themes found in TheoEd Talks presents “The Double-Sided Pursuit of Racial Justice” featuring Austin Channing Brown. In this TheoEd talk, “Austin Channing Brown offers a compelling look at what the journey towards justice entails in an era of rising racial hostility.” (TheoEd Talks video description).

Dane Mahi and Tamara Benedict co-lead Holy Hangout. Youth and College-Aged Young Adults can contact either of them or Sean Langdon for the Zoom link.

Dane Mahi (541-974-2836) | Tamara Benedict (541-515-8231)
Or email them at

Sean Langdon (425-293-6366 |

Holy Hangout is an online Sr. High Youth and College-aged ministry sponsored by Community Connections for the Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center that takes place on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month during the school year.

New Expressions Mondays begin in 2022

New Expressions Mondays begin in 2022

“Our journey into the future will continue through more congregations becoming willing to transform in response to new opportunities. It also will occur through starting new expressions of the church to model what we are talking about.” – Steve Veazey, “A Time to Act!” 

For over two years now, the Greater Pacific Northwest USA Leadership Team has talked about New Expressions of Community. At the end of 2019, a New Expressions Team for the Mission Center was formed to focus on this important work in the life of the church but also to make determinations about funding requests for New Expressions. This Team has met almost monthly since then to explore themes related to what is being birthed in Christian community but what we also need to let die to make way for something new to flourish.

We are now at a point in our work where we want to invite anyone who has interest in New Expressions to join the conversation. Starting in January 2022, we will have New Expression Mondays once a month on the first Monday of every month from 6:30-8 PM (PST). These sessions will be Open Forum with opportunities for conversation about what is transforming within the church and where God is inviting us to experiment and create sacred communities while also being a place to explore ideas that you might have for starting a New Expression of Community. Join when your schedule allows and interest is piqued. 

To learn more about New Expressions of Community, click here:

  • In this article, you will also learn what it means for a congregation to begin a “Fresh Expression of Ministry”. Though our teams work is focused on New Expressions of Community, there will be some overlap on Fresh Expressions and occasionally we may have a Fresh Expressions focus for the Open Forum during our New Expressions Monday. 

To learn more about funding opportunities for New Expressions, click here:

New Expressions Mondays Open Forum

First Monday of the Month
6:30-8:00 PM (PST)
Who? YOU! Anyone interested in exploring New Expressions
Facilitators: New Expressions Team

Zoom Connection Information:

To join, click here:
Alternatively, join by phone: 1-253-215-8782
Meeting ID: 839 6568 3186
Passcode: 205203

Mark your calendars for the first Mondays of the month! All are welcome to join us for these conversations! The first one will be Monday, January 3, 2022. We hope to see you then on Zoom!

If you have any questions, please contact Sean Langdon, Team Lead ( | 425-293-6366).

Peace In!

GPNW USA MC New Expressions Team

Sean Langdon, MC Invitation Support Minister (Team Lead)
Kim Naten, MC President
Donald Welch, MC Financial Officer
Richard Betts, Western USA Mission Field
Jammie Apodaca, Seventy
Tom Webber, MC Council
Gary Farnworth, At Large
Sara Churchman, At Large
Christine Campbell, At Large

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