Peace Prayer Commitments

On Sunday, May 23, we shared in an interactive Prayer for Peace worship moment. As the music video for “Pray for Peace” by Reba McEntire played, those gathered online for worship were invited to share in the chat their response to this question: What is your peace prayer commitment today? This is how you responded!

To listen. To Hear.

I commit to peace on and for the earth, as I help lead the afternoon Climate Conversation about transforming our lifestyle to decrease carbon emissions.

See people through God’s eyes.


To listen to story. The diverse stories that shape our world. To listen is to understand. And we all need more understanding in this world.

To talk to someone every day who may have a different political view than I do. To make friends in unlikely places.

Listen with my heart.

Reaching out in love and positive action to all those who are marginalized in our country and world.

Share peace and joy (smiles).

I am one in 2021 as I follow Jesus the Peaceful One!  I am one with God, nature, all of humanity for there can be unity in diversity!!  ONE!

A calm and attentive presence in relationships.

To love the unloved.

To work to accept all those who are different or who think different than me.

Being a bridge for solution-based conversations about the persistent Israeli-Palestine conflict. For peace, justice, and human dignity and rights for all, free from violence, suspicion, fear and hatred.

To commit to hear the cry for help.

To love all.

A reassuring, reaffirming word to everyone I meet- accompanied by a warm smile.

I will help feed my neighbors.

To be an accelerator of love in a world with too much hate.

Lord, make me an instrument of the peace. Let me sow hope, joy love and peace.


To be more loving and accepting and not letting my fear stand in the way of responding to God’s call.

Love through the pain.

I pray God’s blessings upon all those who ask for prayers, and for those that give them.

To bring smiles and joy to others through my music.

My peace prayer commitment is to always intentionally work and pray for peace.  To place peace above discord or misunderstanding.  Above being right or winning an argument.  To hold CofC values in high esteem and to represent my membership and priesthood by always lifting up peace as ONE of the best answers to confusion, chaos and anger.

To be the living example for what I pray for in peace.

Stop and pray for peace when I/you see a need, like when the passenger airliner was forced to land off route so a passenger could be arrested for being a dissident to a totalitarian government.

To seek to see all creation (human and creature) as holy. To be willing to step up for peace!

Accept our differences.

To be a better listener, to help those who have no voice be heard; to see a vision for our community that embraces everyone.

Bring a feeling of safety to the AAPI community.

To always lift up humility and set aside EGO for peace is my path.

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