Community Connections Moving to Evenings this Summer

Beginning Sunday, July 25, our Online Worships will be moving to the evening. “Foyer” Greetings will be at 6:15 PM (Pacific), followed by worship at 6:45 PM (Pacific). We look forward to welcoming Australia Mission Centre President Ben Smith as the speaker to help us kick-off the Sunday Evening worships. This decision was made with the anticipation that with vaccinations increasing, new COVID-19 numbers will be decreasing, and therefore we will likely be having congregation apply to reopen this summer. Rather than waiting to make a last minute decision to change the worship time in the midst of reopening’s, we chose a summer date to make the switch so that we could plan ahead with scheduling. Our online worships have proven to be an invaluable New Expression of Community in our Mission Center during this pandemic. We also understand that they will be an invaluable expression of community beyond the pandemic as well. They help connect us throughout the Mission Center and to World Church. Our hope in providing these evening worships include:

  • Continuing to provide worship ministry to those who don’t live near, or aren’t engaged locally with, a Community of Christ Congregation.
  • Providing an opportunity to still gather in community for worship even when your weekend schedule doesn’t allow you to attend Sunday Morning Worship in a congregation.
  • Providing an additional opportunity for all to experience worship. Gathering locally with your home congregation and then also gathering online to connect with people all over the mission center and beyond.

 After all congregations have reopened, we will reassess how often we have online worships. Either way, they will continue!

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