Results: Camp Minecraft Christmas Tree Contest

Our Camp Minecraft Christmas tree contest was a rousing success. We had eight tree entries in our first official event. Four trees were youth entries and another four were entered by adults.

The trees were judged by Kim Naten, Richard Betts, Ron Harmon, and Scott Murphy, all executive ministers in our Faith Community. They were impressed with our world and all of the trees, each having its own unique appeal. The youth tree that came out on top was a big hit as three youth participated in its construction. Signs will be posted in game showing the tree’s result in the competition.

For those of you who have yet to join Camp Minecraft, the results are as follows:

Youth tree winner in 4th place was the Charlie Brown tree by Jacobulous.

Youth tree winner in 3rd place was the minimalist au natural tree by JacobClark25

Youth tree winner in 2 place with red and yellow ornaments and a star was by Noodl_Muffin68

And last but not least 1st place goes to the Tall multicolored tree, which was also the first tree to go up. It was a team effort by Jacobulous, GoldenHornet, and TheCreeperKing.

Congratulations to all our youth winners

Adult tree winner in 4th place with the black cross tree topper was by Oshiie.

Adult tree winner in 3rd place with the excellent treetop ornament was by OldPort

Adult tree winner in 2nd place with multicolor carpet decoration was again by Oshiie.

And our 1st place winning tree had Red Ornaments, candles, and snacks for Santa on the fireplace hearth nearby. This tree was once again an Oshiie creation.

Congratulations to all who participated.

Want to get in on the fun? Registration is easy! Simple follow this link and fill out the questions:  The Camp Minecraft ministries team includes Harry Howell, Jason Keesee, Daniel Rose, and New Expressions Mentor Christine Campbell. You can contact them at They look forward to seeing you all in the game! 

Do good unto all,

Old Port

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