Sacredness of Creation: Conversation #4

Hope for a New Creation:  Building a Bridge to the Future

Come join us in the fourth conversation about the Sacredness of Creation as we acknowledge the evidence of creation increasingly out of balance.   Share your hope for the future and the evidence of God’s activity even when creation is unraveling in climate crisis.  Invite your friends to join as well.  All sessions are free.  Participation in previous conversations in the series is not necessary to join in this opportunity.

LOOKING AHEAD:  Phase II of our series begins with a Sunday webinar “The Unraveling of God’s Sacred Creation” with Dr. Richard Gammon on November 15, 2pm PT, 3pm MT, 4pm CT, 5pm ET.  Dr. Gammon will be sharing with us scientific data underlying the concerns about climate crisis, and the projections resulting from that data.  Dr. Gammon was among the scientists who drafted the first UN report for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  He brings both expertise and experience to his 1 ½ hour presentation at our webinar. You won’t want to miss it!  Our conversation sessions later in November will provide opportunities to discuss the ideas Dr. Gammon presents. 

During the winter of 2020 and 2021, there will be six more conversations/presentations, each building on a webinar by a qualified presenter.   We will explore the unraveling of God’s sacred creation, the re-weaving of the web of life, climate change and the Community of Christ, and lifestyle practices that foster hope.  Dates for these subsequent conversations will be publicized in your mission center news briefs and on the website below.  Watch for them!

What:  “Hope for a New Creation:  Building a Bridge to the Future”

When: Thursday, October 22, 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm PDT

and Sunday, October 25, 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm PDT

Where: Online Ministry

To connect to “Hope For a New Creation:  Building a Bridge to the Future,”                                    please register at

Once registered, you will be sent a Zoom link a few days before each session of the series.

Download Flyer.

Sacredness of Creation is an online ministry sponsored by the Greater Pacific Northwest USA Mission Center for Community of Christ.  The North American Climate Justice Team includes members from GPNWMC, Canada East, Canada West, Inland West, Sierra Pacific Mission Center, and Southwest Pacific International Mission Center. 

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