Faith & Formation Videos: September 2020

Faith and Formation (which meets online on Wednesday evenings) has been viewing presentations by religious leaders, scholars and philosophers of various faiths and denominations to expand our personal and communal theological understandings. At the end of every week, we ask the important question: “What about this presentation was compatible or incompatible with Community of Christ theology?” Unfortunately, I cannot share with you the amazing discussions we had after watching the videos. But maybe you could also glean important lessons from these videos.

The videos we viewed in September 2020:

September 16: Lesley Hazleton “On Reading the Koran” & Alaa Murabit “What My Religion Really Says about Women

September 23: Jonathan Merritt “The Death and Resurrection of Sacred Speech

September 30: Brent Strawn “The Greatest Story Never Told: Re-Thinking the Bible as Poetry

Join us Wednesdays* at 7pm (PT).

*The first Wednesday of the month is prayer service.

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