Month: July 2020

Community Connections: Online Worship

Community Connections: Online Worship

Our Online Worships are the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings, beginning with “Foyer” Time at 6:00 PM (PT). “Foyer” Greetings is an opportunity to say hello, make sure you’re connected properly, and prepare for worship. The worship will begin at 6:30 PM (PT) and end around 7:30 PM (PT) with “Parking Lot” Goodbyes. “Parking Lot” is a time for announcements to be shared by Mission Center Leadership with an opportunity to say goodbye to one another at the end of our online worship. More Info.

To connect to our online worships, click here
To listen in to the online worships, dial 1-669-900-6833 (Meeting ID: 841 448 115 / Password: 043423)

Online Communion
Here is some information to help you prepare for our sacred experience:
A reminder that all are welcome and invited to share in the sacrament of Communion. If you choose to participate, you will need to provide your own juice and bread or appropriate alternatives.
You can participate in Online Communion whether you are joining the service via webcam or your phone.
Joining by phone does meet the “online” requirements.
Per the guidelines for Online Communion, “real-time online participation” is a guiding principle for taking Communion this way. Therefore, the taking of Communion should only be observed if participating in the Sunday Morning worship. If you’re watching or listening to a recording of the worship, please contact your Pastor to make arrangements for Communion to be provided via the phone.
Tips for our Online Worships
You are welcome to use the chat feature but please be mindful of how you use it and how often as it can be distracting for others. Comments in the chat should be affirming in nature. Please keep negative or critical comments to yourself.
Be mindful of your surroundings and body movement while on the screen. In other words, don’t forget that others can see you.
If in front of a window, please close the curtains/blinds to avoid a glare on the screen. Your mic will be muted at 10:40 AM and will stay muted until following the announcements at the end.
The Mission Center will be recording our Online Services for those who are not able to participate in a service on Sunday Morning. If you miss the service but would like to request the link to watch it, please contact Sean Langdon (, 425-293-6366).
No Indoor Worship for August

No Indoor Worship for August

Due to the consistent increase in COVID cases throughout Oregon, Washington and Alaska, the Mission Center Leadership Team (MCLT) has determined that no new applications for indoor worship will be approved through August. Applications for permission to hold outdoor worship or other gatherings may be submitted for review. Please note that masks are required for outdoor gatherings at this time.

The MCLT is doing its best to navigate this ever-changing environment, but it has become clear that putting a pause on reopening our buildings is the safest, most responsible course of action at this time. We know you are all anxious to be together, but we ask your patience and understanding as we interpret and analyze the information we have, keeping your health and safety uppermost in our decision-making. Thank you!

Bridge of Hope Retirement Responsibilities

Bridge of Hope Retirement Responsibilities

GPNW Mission Center has been given a target of raising $3 million toward the Bridge of Hope retirement responsibility.  The deadline for meeting this target is January 1, 2024.  To date, our mission center has already contributed close to $500,000 of that target through various net proceeds of property sales and congregational generosity through contributions from investment accounts.  In order to ensure we meet our goal, the Mission Center Leadership Team has created the Bridge of Hope Strategic Planning Team whose focus will be to discern various methods for reaching this goal. The team is comprised of members throughout the mission center with expertise in strategic planning, business/project development, visioning, church planting, etc.  Members of the Strategic Planning Team are: David Anderson (Redmond OR), Jammie Apodaca (Selah WA), Gary Farnsworth (Bend OR), David Irby (Redmond WA), Dan Jackson (Vancouver WA), Sean Langdon (Springfield OR), Bill McFarlin (Vancouver WA), Kim Naten (Chehalis WA), Steve Pomeroy (Bellevue WA), Brenda Sargent (Longview WA), Deborah Towner (Bothell WA), Donald Welch (Salem OR) and Dean Wight (Bellingham WA). The Team is chaired by Kim Naten, GPNMC President.

Over the next 3 ½ years, the Team will report to the mission center membership on its progress.  We are excited to bring together the collective giftedness, experience, wisdom and creativity within our mission center to not only accomplish the monetary Bridge of Hope retirement goal, but to spend time discerning and visioning a bridge to OUR future in Community of Christ. Stay tuned for more information soon.

Faith & Formation Videos: The Beginning

Faith & Formation Videos: The Beginning

Faith and Formation (which meets online on Wednesday evenings) has been viewing presentations by religious leaders, scholars and philosophers of various faiths and denominations to expand our personal and communal theological understandings. At the end of every week, we ask the important question: “What about this presentation was compatible or incompatible with Community of Christ theology?” Unfortunately, I cannot share with you the amazing discussions we had after watching the videos. But maybe you could also glean important lessons from these videos.

The videos we started with:

Peter Enns “Reimagining an Ancient God

Amy-Jill Levine “Life After Death: Jesus, Judaism and Justice

Lauren Winner “Magnolia Trees and Cardigan Sweaters: Unexpected Metaphors for God

Shane Claiborne “Resurrecting Church

Tony Campolo “Birthday Party

Join us Wednesdays* at 7pm (PT).

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*The first Wednesday of the month is prayer service.

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